A Way to Bike in the Snow

Rachel Rasmussen

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Mountain biking is a big part of the outdoor culture of Fort Collins and Colorado. But the minute the snow begins to fall it can be difficult to safely bike in the mountains, leaving a lot of avid bikers patiently waiting for the following summer to get their bikes out again.


There is however, a way for Mountain Bikers to enjoy biking during the winter months as well — Snowbiking.

While Snowbiking is relatively new to the snowsports scene, it has taken the world by storm. In 2017, it was introduced to the X Games with two events: Snow BikeCross and Snow Bike Best Trick. There have also been many Snowbiking competitions, such as the national Snow Bike MX Championship in Canada, celebrating the thrill of this sport.

Snowbiking is essentially a combination of Snowmobiling and Motocross. The basic frame of a bike remains the same. But the wheels are removed and the front wheel is replaced with a single ski and the back wheel is replaced with a specially designed snowmobile-style track. You can also just replace both wheels with skis for a more recreational way to Snowbike.

Snow Bikes are more nimble than a snowmobile and allow for quicker movements and more freedom to explore wider ranges of terrain. They also aren’t quite as devastating if they fall on you during a crash.

There are places where you can rent Snow Bikes, like Snow Bike Rentals Colorado, Roger’s Snow Bike Rentals and Colorado Timbersled Rentals. But you can also buy conversion kits from companies like Timbersled or MotoTrax that allow you to turn your regular bike into a Snow Bike for winter and back into a regular bike for summer.

Those who enjoy dirt biking and mountain biking are best suited for Snowbiking. But that doesn’t mean those individuals are the only ones that can enjoy the sport. There are various places around Colorado, specifically the bigger ski resorts, that have Snow Bike rentals, lessons and the proper terrain to Snowbike on.

If you’re someone who enjoys the excitement of mountain biking, but don’t like waiting for all the snow to melt to go, maybe it’s time to try Snowbiking. Who knows, it might just become your new favorite sport.