Tips for Surviving Winter

Rachel Rasmussen

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By Laura Studley


Hot chocolate is hot, but these tips for surviving Colorado winters are hotter.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Your skin will get dry in the winter. It’s inevitable. Make sure to put lotion on and apply chapstick throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink water.


Colorado weather is fickle. It could be freezing in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. Layers are good for bundling up in the morning and help make sure you don’t overheat later in the day.

Snow Tires

Save your money, you can get by without them if you’re careful. And depending on your area, the sun tends to melt the snow making it easy for snow plows to remove it from the roads. However, consider snow tires if you are driving to ski resorts often.

Windshield Fluid

Make sure to always keep it full. This helps melt the ice from your windshield quicker, accompanied by good wiper blades.

Don’t Forget the Scraper

Duh, no brainer.