Places at CSU to Help Students Relax and De-Stress

Rachel Rasmussen

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With finals looming for CSU students, stress is high and sleep is low. It is well-known that stress is bad for mental and physical health, but it seems difficult to find the time to be able to effectively manage stress during this part of the semester. Even if you do have time, it may be difficult to know how to relax and de-stress. Luckily, there are some places on campus that can help; few students know about, and even fewer take advantage of.



With locations in the Lory Student Center, Health and Medical Center, Natural Resources Building, and Morgan Library, the reflection rooms and spaces are designed for students to prioritize self-care, pray, reflect, meditate and relax. It is open to any and all CSU faculty, staff and students.

When you’re in one of the rooms, there are some guidelines to follow while you’re there. You must respect others’ cultures while in there. You aren’t allowed to do or use anything that could be distracting or cause stress; this includes homework, studying, using your phone, etc. You also can’t bring candles, diffusers, or incense into the rooms and food and drinks, except water, aren’t allowed. However, you can listen to music through headphones while you’re there.


Within the reflection room in the Health and Medical Center, (aka Still Point Reflection Space) there is a futuristic chair known as the Relaxation, or Nap, Pod. This pod allows students, faculty, and staff of CSU to take a much needed, calming 20 minute nap. In the pod, you will be surrounded by darkness with noise-canceling headphones that play quiet, soothing music.

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Photo courtesy of CSU Health Network