Games to Play Based Off TV Shows

Rachel Rasmussen

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If you find yourself stuck inside your house over the holidays because the weather is too cold or there’s too much snow don’t waste your day lounging around. Instead spend it playing games from or based on your favorite TV shows.



Loosely translated, this game means “Box of Paper Snowshoe Racing” or “Icelandic Paper Box Snowshoeing” which is essentially the entirety of the game. Players strap paper boxes to their feet and race each other around the room. The player to reach the finish line first is named the winner of all things Flonkerton.


While the version that Jess and her friends play in “New Girl” is hard to follow for anyone except the roommates, there are more simplistic versions of the game that you can find online. The general focus of the game is standing and moving around on furniture because the floor is lava, call things out and get responses, and drink when certain things happen or certain things are called out. The point of the game is to have fun and not take any of the rules seriously.


This board game is relatively straightforward; you roll the dice, move your piece to the space decided by the roll, and landing on certain spaces means you perform a certain task or you have to suffer the consequences or fight an antagonist.


Just like True American, the rules of Bamboozled are difficult to follow. But somehow Joey, Chandler, and Ross figure it out enough to really get into it. The most basic form of the game is that there are different sections that you must pass through to win. In each section, there are random questions based on general knowledge for each player. There are also random bonuses you can choose to participate in in order to earn more points. A player has been Bamboozled when they lose.