Editor-in-Chief College Avenue Magazine, Meg Metzger-Seymour

Tristan Syron

Meet the new editor-in-chief of College Avenue magazine 

My name is Meg Metzger-Seymour. I am a junior graphic design major with a minor in media studies. I started working at RMSMC as a Collegian page designer when I was a freshman. During this time, I also occasionally worked with College Avenue as a designer. At the end of my freshman year, I was selected to become the Collegian’s design editor. This position offered the opportunity to help produce a daily newspaper while also providing me with the experience of working under a nightly deadline. At the end of my year as design editor, I decided to move into College Avenue more permanently as I found magazine design to be more enriching. I worked as the creative director for College Avenue in Fall 2019 and now have stepped into the role of Editor-in-Chief.


Although design is my primary focus, I have a strong interest in journalism. I worked in student media throughout my high school career and am honored to be able to work with RMSMC. I believe that journalism plays an essential role in informing the public. I also believe that design is a form of communication and is as crucial to a publication as its content. I am excited to continue working for College Avenue and I hope to push the magazine in terms of content and design.