No One Wants to Buy Jerry Seinfeld’s House

New Old Bathroom VanityHave you ever wished that you could have a house with 12.5 baths? It would be handy in the morning when my roommate wants to get ready for work exactly when I do. Having 11 other options that I could stumble into to shower before my morning coffee would be pretty convenient.The COins staff could only dream on 12.5 bathrooms. With square footage like that, our staff could clone themselves and still never have a conflict.


Photo of jerry Seinfeld at the Emmy Awards.While sub-leasers fight, hopelessly, for the use of one bathroom in a three bedroom house, Jerry Seinfeld’s Telluride home, sits with 12.5 bathrooms collecting dust. According to Huffington Post, the $18.3 million Seinfeld home went on the market in July of 2011. Almost a year later, all listings for the home have been taken down. However, no buyer was ever announced, despite it being offered fully furnished.


If you have $18.3 million dollars, or if you just want to see what a house worth that much money looks like, Huffington Post has a slide show of the house.