Why Science Says You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed

Never Make Your Bed Again

Earlier this week we gave you an article about a man who hadn’t showered for 10+ years because he had created a serum that he believed kept him clean and odor free. Now, science has given us another reason to let out our inner lazy slob: You shouldn’t make your bed, because bedbugs.

“Full disclosure: I’m right there with you in that slob bucket, Bros. If it wasn’t for my wife or the occasional house guest, the bed would never get made. I don’t see the fucking point of it. You’re telling me I need to make this bed only to undo it all again in 12-14 hours? And I need to add superfluous throw pillows so it looks nicer? Go directly to hell, person who dares tell me these things.


While were at it, fuck throw pillows. The only contact we generally have with these unnecessary accessories is to put them on and take them off the bed. How many times have you used a decorative throw pillow from your bed for anything else? Maybe 20 times in your entire life. Throw pillows are stupid. SO VERY F@CKING STUPID.”

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