Topless Women in Times Square

Women in Times Square, naked and painted

It’s legal to go topless in several states if you’re a woman, but it seems like New York is always at the epicenter of the topless debate. Home of the “Free the Nipple” movement and movie, it has been the grounds where debate has broken out, since many women are arrested for topless-ness even though it has been legal for over 20 years in the city. Tapping into this debate, this Huffpost writer wanted to shed some light for the parent tourists who may be in New York this year.

“If you are looking for Disneyland, then you are in the wrong state. This is New York. Times Square is a PUBLIC SPACE. And in New York City (and New York State) being topless in public is LEGAL. If businesses are upset that the law is hurting their bank accounts, then they should get the politicians to make Times Square private (which is what I presume they are trying to do). In the meantime, let’s all stop pretending that the painted women in Times Square is a violation of anything real. It is only an offense to people who come to New York City (many with kids) and want it to be an escape from reality. Well, New York City is reality, and we respect civil liberties here.”


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