Senior Citizens For Alternative Medicines

Usually it’s the older generation that we see turning down or ragging on new trends, but it seems like a lot of older patients are turning to more holistic, alternative medicine sources to help with their ailments.

“As the world is turning to more natural and healthy ways of living, the internet has managed to lure everybody to equip themselves with knowledge about their disease condition. Leave alone cancer patients, self diagnosing and asking multiple questions to your doctor, resorting to alternative therapies alongside your main treatment has become a common approach to any illness. Considering this, one can imagine how a life threatening condition can push you to resort to anything that gives hope! But, we are unaware that some seemingly natural treatments touted as free of side effects can interfere with an ongoing validated therapy for a complex disease like cancer and harm the patient in ways more than one.”


Holistic Medicine is often more natural than pills

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