Bill Nye, the Politics Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Nye, a man of science, has now come out speaking for what women can and cannot do, specifically when talking about abortions and their right to bodily autonomy. With the large political focus on the Planned Parenthood video and the implications it had for abortions, abortion has become an issue that many women have spoken out about. However, Nye has one of the first major male players to take this stance after the video release, especially this publicly.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is taking his cool, quirky scientist thing to a new level. We might remember him best for his wacky experiments on TV, but now our favorite old-school science geek is getting serious about an important issue: Abortion. This week, he’s on screen again, using straight-up facts to make a polite-but-passionate argument as to why abortion needs to remain safe and accessible for all women.”


To watch the video, click here.