Weird Loners: The Show That Could Miss the Mark, But Doesn’t

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company
Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us would be self described weirdos, and others are loners, and some are both. As a one or a combination there of, we often wish to see our own habits reflected by the media. Many of us thought that a show like Fox’s new Weird Loner would be the beginning for us, to have quirky people on TV that aren’t just after a lover interest or trying to make friends, but just living life. We were wrong. 

“When the pilot for Weird Loners showed up on my doorstep, I thought God was either answering a very small prayer (yes! A sitcom just for me!) or just being mean. But if you’re expecting a funny comedy about lovelorn, pal-challenged oddballs, ratchet down your expectations: Part of the problem with Weird Loners is that it doesn’t have the guts to give us nuts worthy of the title. There are flickers of reality in them, but they’re mostly pale shimmers of old Friends and other TV people.”


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