Boy Found in Dumpster Reunited with Father

A typical dumpster in Sunnyvale, California.
A typical dumpster in Sunnyvale, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This man was dumped in a dumpster by his birth mother with his umbilical cord still attached. Years later, he met his savior, a police officer, on the news, and the story reached his biological father, who was still looking for him. 

“A man who was abandoned by his mother and rescued from a garbage dumpster by a Santa Ana police officer 25 years ago met his biological father for the first time Sunday.


Robin Barton was rescued from a dumpster by now retired Santa Ana police officer Michael Buelna on Nov. 21, 1989.

“I noticed the umbilical cord and he was covered, he still had all the mucus and stuff and all the trash and gravel was sticking to him,” Buelna said. “I tried to give him a tiny little bit of breath and he reacted a little bit.””

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