Save the Planet By Christmas Shopping

Diego hugging a huge Western Redcedar tree.
A Treehugger hugging a huge Western Redcedar tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone can buy a gift card, but really, who likes gift cards? Why not get an alternative that is thoughtful, unique, and sustainable? With the holidays just around the corner, our theme for this week is Alternative Gift Ideas!!

Not sure where to start looking for gift ideas? Well, is here to help.



Every year TreeHugger posts gift guides tailored to every type of person: sporty, hungry, tech-saavy, environmental conscious, and even DIY lovers. The best thing about each guide is that each idea is beneficial to the environment, whether it encourages alternative transport, supports local businesses, or is made out of organic and fair trade materials. This way you can get that special someone a gift as unique as they are, and save the planet while you do it!!

Their latest list is centered around fashion, and it has gift ideas for him and her. “Slow fashion is emerging as one of the best solutions to the many problems associated with the culture of disposable fashion. Similar to slow food, slow fashion embraces thoughtful and enduring designs, transparent production and sustainable materials,” said Margaret Badore, the author of the latest list. “It means owning fewer, better things. The gifts we suggest here are meant to be useful and beautiful, practical and long-lasting.” Click here to read their latest Christmas gift list. 

Start your holiday shopping with the rest of their gift guides here