When Rock and Christmas Collide

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 Rock concert at The Hexagon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve heard some really bad “Alternative Christmas” songs before, but Billboard has collected the best of the best alternative and rock Christmas songs just to share with you.

“Let’s get this out of the way: there are an awful lot of terrible rock covers of Christmas songs. Lots of genres are guilty of this, but being that Relient K and Bowling For Soup have both done entire Christmas albums, modern guitar music needs to take a long look in the mirror: “Do I really want to write this sped up, punk cover of “Run Rudolph Run”? But there are some good ones! Some of these holiday rock songs were intentional (written for Christmas compilations or films); others are album tracks that just happen to talk about Christmas. And we tried to keep it fairly recent, too. Do you really need to be reminded that the Kinks wrote “Father Christmas”? And we kept the covers to a minimum, though there is one killer cover of “Father Christmas.””


Click for the list here, and rock your halls this holiday season.