Boy’s attempted suicide spurs My Little Pony tattoos

MLPAfter 11-year-old Michael Marones’ attempted suicide in North Carolina last month, communities around the country brainstormed ideas on how to fight bullying and raise money for Marones’ hospital expenses. One tattoo parlor in Sugar Land, Texas began offering $20 My Little Pony tattoos after news surfaced that Marone had been badly bullied at school for liking the show, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

“We’ve done 25-30 of them since last week and more are booked this week,” said Imperial Tattoo owner Tony Wayne. “They’re regular guys, tattooed mean lookin’ guys.”


Proceeds from the tattoos are being donated to Marones’ hospital bills and to Stomp Out Bullying, a national organization dedicated to preventing bullying and cyber-bullying.

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