Banksy’s unexpected street art sale

Balloon Girl in London (source)
Balloon Girl in London (source)

Anonymous street artist Banksy relocated to New York recently to bring his own take on graffiti to the city for the next month. However, a street art sale was one place most New Yorkers did not expect to find his original art. 

Also, while his work is worth tends of thousands of dollars, the pieces at the sale were being sold at only $60 each, according to the online video magazine Retelly. Despite the worth of his work, the installments do not last long in the city of New York.


“Banksy’s work by its very nature is ephemeral — property owners often paint over it, or opportunistic looters extract it from the streets and sell it for vast sums, sometimes even chiseling it out of exterior walls,” according to the staff writers at The Verge.

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