The Demand for Alternative Medicine

In recent years alternative medicine, or at least the idea of alternative medicine, has grown in popularity. So much so that the practices that fall under this umbrella are becoming more sought after, according to an article by Chicago Magazine. 

In fact, the trend has led to the opening of the Northwestern Integrative Medicine center in Chicago. The center, which from the outside appears to be a yoga retreat, has received backing from one of the nation’s leading hospitals, Northwestern Memorial.


While there is still skepticism about the effectiveness of alternative medicine practices beyond the placebo effect,  studies are being done to calculate the effectiveness of alternative medical procedures.

Also, according to Chicago Magazine, “Despite the naysayers, a push by integrative medicine doctors for greater legitimacy in the health establishment has borne fruit. In June, one of the national bodies that award board certification—the American Board of Physician Specialties—announced that it will begin accrediting integrative doctors next year.”

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