CSU softball sweeps 3-game series weekend against Nevada

The Colorado State University softball team swept right over the University of Nevada, Reno last weekend in a three-game series.


Collegian | Reuel Indurkar

The Colorado State University Rams softball team celebrates after winning against the University of Nevada, Reno April 30. Colorado State won the second game of the three-part series 9-5.

Bryson Schminke, Sports Reporter

The Colorado State University softball team swept right over the University of Nevada, Reno last weekend in a three-game series. Over this past weekend, the Rams showed out in Ram Field, hitting Nevada right out of the park. 

Game one began April 29, starting off the weekend series with quick hits. This game started out in Nevada’s favor, as they scored two runs in the first inning. The Rams were able to answer back with three runs to put them in the lead. 


In the second inning, the Rams managed to score five runs, followed by an outstanding six runs in the third inning. It wasn’t until the fourth inning that Nevada scored another two runs off an error by the Rams, but that was not enough to ruin the rampage the Rams were on. 

Finally, the Rams were able to secure the win with two more runs in the fourth inning, the game ending early due to a mercy rule. The final score was 16-4, with the Rams having 17 hits. The pitcher of the game, Sydney Hornbuckle, ended the game with only two runs batted in and seven strikeouts. This is impressive since the wind gust was going 30 mph into center field.

Game two took place April 30. The Rams seemed to have utilized their hitting skills because in each game, they hit the ball over 10 times. Julia Cabral pitched a portion of the game, with Jetta Nannen as the relief for the rest of the game. 

During the first inning, the Wolf Pack was able to get a runner in, but the Rams answered back with four runs of their own to take the lead. In the second inning, neither team was able to score a run, but in the third, Nevada took the lead, scoring four runs. The Rams had no answer that inning but weren’t ready to give up yet. 

The fourth inning finished with the Rams tying the ball game up with a score of 5-5 as they headed into the fifth inning. The Rams took the lead in the fifth inning and added some cushion as well. CSU managed to score four runners to home and left Nevada empty-handed for the rest of the game. Game two ended in the seventh inning in favor of Colorado State with a final score of 9-5. 

To finish off the three-game series, game three looked very much like the first one and closed out the weekend with a very similar ending. In the first inning, Nevada put a run up to catch the lead, but the Rams answered back quickly with three runs. As for the second and third innings, neither team was able to score, but nevertheless, both teams fought.

In the fourth inning, Nevada was able to score eight runs to take back the lead. Despite their efforts, the Rams also were able to get runs going, as they scored seven runs and took back the lead. Notably, Kaitlyn Cook had three runners on the base and hit a grand slam to close out the inning.

In the fifth inning, the Rams defended the diamond and earned themselves four more runs. In the final stretch, the Rams added two more runs in the sixth inning and closed the series out with the lead. The Rams ended on top with a three-game sweep and the third game ending 16-9.



Colorado State will now prepare to head to Las Vegas to face off against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas May 6.

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