April Fools: Niko Medved extends time at CSU to join Moby Outlaws

Carson Lame, Sprots Editro

Editor’s NoteThis is a satire for April Fools’ Day. Real names and the events surrounding them may be used in fictitious/semi-fictitious ways. Those who do not read the editor’s notes are subject to being offended.

In the midst of March Madness, men’s basketball head coach Niko Medved decided it was time to extend his time at Colorado State University through the 2028-29 season to join his dream team, the Moby Outlaws. It’s no secret Medved’s dream was to become a Moby Outlaw, as his passion for Colorado State athletics has only strengthened this 2021-22 season. 



Since the beginning, Medved always made his support for the Outlaws clear. The Outlaws found themselves courtside at nearly every men’s basketball game this season all the way until the 2022 Mountain West Men’s Basketball Championship. He knew the energy in the arena wouldn’t be the same without the support of the Outlaws behind him. 

His support has grown tremendously — so much so that Medved is ready to give up his position as head coach of the men’s basketball team. Instead, he’s decided to follow his dreams and adopt every single one of the Outlaws and take on the role of the ultimate Father Outlaw of Moby Arena. 

Despite already having two daughters and a full team of 15 athletes, Medved explained his actions as his ultimate responsibility to take the Moby Outlaws under his wing. Now, don’t get it twisted — this isn’t just a spur-of-the-moment decision. Medved has been dropping hints about his potential extension with the Outlaws since his first cowboy-hatted appearance. 

Not only was he crowned with his own cowboy hat, he helped the Outlaws with their travel expenses to watch him coach at the MW tournament in Las Vegas. Since extending his time at Colorado State, there is plenty to look forward to for next season.  Looking ahead, Medved will continue to manage the men’s basketball team as a side hustle and immediately begin fulfilling his duties as Father Outlaw for the Outlaws — a perfect example that no matter what, Rams support Rams.

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