Colorado State extends home winning streak, dominating the paint


Collegian | Lucy Morantz

Fifth-year Chandler Jacobs (13) makes a dunk in the second half against the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Nov. 12. (Lucy Morantz | The Collegian)

Karsyn Lane

Colorado State University men’s basketball took on the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff looking for a second regular-season win in Moby Arena. As the Ram’s season begins to unfold, they’ve taken the initiative of the court. 

The Ram’s first court debut against the Oral Roberts University Golden Eagles was a welcoming win of 109-80. The snatched win is just a taste of the battle unfolding tonight against the Golden Lions. This wouldn’t be a first for the Rams, as they’ve taken the win for all three home games dating back to 2007 with flying scores.


With the crowd packed and energy levels high, the Ram’s started off strong with a 12-0 lead only four minutes into the first half. Our junior Rams did not come out to play, though, since forward David Roddy sank the first 3-pointer followed by guard Isaiah Stevens’ matched 3-pointer. 

It’s amazing, the students have done an amazing job filling the stands. … They help so much in winning games because it is a hard place to play on the road.” -David Roddy, forward


The Lions didn’t back down against the Rams defense, as senior Shawn Williams stepped back for a 3-pointer, closing the lead 19-11 with 12 minutes left in the half. This was Arkansas’ first taste of a closed gap, as the Rams kept a lead over the quarter. As halftime approached, Colorado State didn’t give UAPB any slack working the court, finishing off the first half 41-29 

Ready for more, the Rams didn’t hesitate to strengthen their plays and find points in the paint. Only two minutes into the second half, forward Dischon Thomas brought power to the basket with a solid dunk, pushing the Golden Eagles’ defense. Nothing could stop the communication in the paint, as John Tonje extended a nearly 20-point lead with a dunk, assisted by James Moors, putting the score at 57-35. 

The team’s consistent work under the board brought the win to Moby Arena. With nearly 43 rebounds compared to UAPB’s 26,  the Rams racked up points. This wasn’t the only highlight of the night as the Rams held the lead 98% of the game. With only a minute left, the Rams decided to leave the night off strong, finishing at 91-71. 

After checking the stats leaders, Roddy found himself at the top leading six separate categories for the night. His work in the paint brought home 28 total points, 13 rebounds and 4 blocks. When asked about the season unfolding in Moby, Roddy felt the emotion and energy back on the court. 

“It’s amazing, the students have done an amazing job filling the stands,” Roddy said. “They help so much in winning games because it is a hard place to play on the road.”

Head coach Niko Medved had plenty to say about tonight’s game but highlighted Roddy’s efforts, “setting the tone” for the team’s second regular-season blowout win.

The Rams closed the night with a good second win, extending their winning streak over Arkansas. Colorado State University will be back in Moby Arena on Nov. 14 against Peru State College at 4 p.m.


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