CSU women’s soccer prepares for first season in NCAA Division I

This fall will mark the first season for Colorado State University’s NCAA Division I women’s soccer team.

The development of this team had a late start, and this made it a challenge to find a large number of Division I ready athletes, according to Head Coach Bill Hempen.


“For this being CSU’s first year of D-I soccer, I believe that the establishment and process of creating this program is really outstanding,” said Cassy Penn, goal keeper and freshman biology major.

“We will not be large in numbers program,” Hempen said.

While the program is small now, Hempen said that it is “by no means the end of what we all want it to look like, but we are well on our way.”

As practice starts Aug. 8, Hempen said he hopes the girls are prepared for a season that will lead them into the conference tournaments.

“This group is setting the foundation for teams to come,” Hempen said. “So we have to hit all the right buttons such as community involvement, success in the classroom and just be great representatives of what CSU and CSU women’s soccer can be.”

Penn explained that she is feeling the pressure of setting this foundation from “what other people expect from me.”

It’s a lot like being a goalie, Penn said. “Sometimes you have to take a risk, you can’t be timid.”

Midfielder and environmental sociology major Whitney Morin said she’s not feeling any pressure.

“I have great confidence in the coaching staff and players that have been selected to play on the team,” Morin said. “I know we will all perform to the best of our abilities and the results will follow.”

Morin said the results she wants to see from the CSU community are already underway.


“I already have students on campus asking me questions about when and where games are, so that is a good sign.”

Morin said what she expects from her team is to win.

“Most people will have little to low expectations for how we will perform this season,” Morin said. “And I think we can use that to our advantage and surprise them with how good we will be.”

The first game is Aug. 18 against Metro State.

“I am so excited and pumped for our first game,” Penn said. “I just can’t believe that I am going to be a part of this experience. This game will never be forgotten. Its CSU’s women’s soccer team’s first game in our very first season ever; It’s just astonishing.”

Content producer Hannah Glennon can be reached at news@collegian.com.