Moby Arena expansion nears completion

With extensions almost complete on Moby Arena, the facility is beginning to transition from a construction site to a state-of-the-art athletics facility. The new expansions provide technologies that were not offered prior, which will be available for athletes’ use next month.

“It’s going to be a wonderful facility. Before construction it was nice, but the facility wasn’t big enough. The most notable parts of the expansion are the Hydrotherapy rooms and pools,” said Doug Max, senior associate athletics director. “This will improve the whole medical handling of the athletes especially during the rehabilitation process.”


This project was phase two of the extension. Phase one had been completed in January with new atriums to improve fan experience.

“We added space in both of the basketball locker rooms, and added conference rooms on the end of the locker rooms,” Max said.

Student athletes won’t be the only people who will get use from the expansion.

“With work focusing on the North side’s ticket stands, the South side will have a new hall of fame and banquet room. Interactive TVs will allow you to look up former players, (and) display cases will also be added with old sports memorabilia,” Max said.

The total spent on phase one was around $4.1 million, with phase two at around $4.8 million. Nearly all funding was provided from the University and private funds. No student tuition dollars were used.

“You’re always looking to improve your facility. We actually saved money to do the athletic expansions now instead of doing the atrium and then revisiting the athletics facilities after. Moby is a great venue, an icon of CSU. People love it,” Max said.

Max stressed the importance of branding – how luring future students to CSU is arguably the most important process in the whole sports franchise.

“A college career is so short, it is essential we our replenishing our teams with the best possible replacements,” Max said.

Max and the athletic department are eager to improve fan enjoyment within the arena.

“We have talked about sky boxes from south or north end. They would consist of glass. Elevators would provide access to the skybox. It’s been talked about. Hasn’t been pursued,” Max said.


Womens basketball player Sam Martin gave her insight into the the building improvements.

“You can tell they are trying to brand. That is huge for recruiting. More development in the facilities means bigger and better recruits. This shows the facility is really nice and recruits, they’ll love it,” Martin said. “Everything has been getting better every year I’ve been here.”

Iwan Shotton is an exchange student from Swansea University working for the Collegian this summer. 

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