Celtics score ‘old school’ Iverson

iversonColton Iverson won’t be shedding his green jersey any time soon. The CSU alum was selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 53 overall pick and was immediately traded to the Boston Celtics.

According to Iverson’s agent, Adam Pensack, the Celtics had their eye on Iverson since the NBA Combine in Chicago last month. On draft night, the Celtics paid the Pacers to take Iverson before another team would have the chance to take him.


“I knew Boston was probably (his team) when they called me to say they were trying to buy a pick to draft Colton,” Pensack said in a post draft interview.

Many teams had interest in taking Iverson in the second round. Ultimately Celtics GM Danny Ainge decided the Celtics could not risk waiting any longer for Colton to come to them.

“There was a possibility (Colton) could get drafted by another team. I was talking to the San Antonio (Spurs), Minnesota (Timberwolves), and others as well who were interested in taking him,” Pensack said.

Iverson was the first CSU Rams basketball player drafted since Jason Smith in 2007, the 21st CSU player drafted in school history.

Former teammate Greg Smith was shocked that Iverson was taken so late in the draft but was pleased to see what team selected him.

“The Celtics made a great decision by selecting him. He is going to be a hell of a player in the NBA because of his work ethic and the kind of person he is,” Smith said.

Iverson will be a part of the new-look Boston Celtics. On draft night their C’s traded two NBA All Star’s Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets. Iverson is now among five other post players on the Celtics’ rebuilding team: Olynyk, Evans, Melo, Sullinger, Humphries. In order to receive playing time on this current roster, Iverson will have to separate himself from the pack.

“There are very likely more (trades) to come. It is hard to predict what the roster will ultimately look like,” Pensack said. “The Celtics really like Colton, so he just needs to go out and play hard as always, and good things will happen.”

Iverson measured in at 7-feet tall prior to the draft.  After slimming down and developing a mid-range jumper, Iverson saw his draft stock soar. Nearly every team in the league contacted Iverson in hope of squeezing a workout in with him. However, come draft night, his schedule only allowed workouts with 20 of the 30 NBA teams. Many scouts recognized Iverson’s strength in the post throughout workouts. His post moves have always given him an advantage.

“I bet the Celtics were probably attracted to the fact that (Iverson) is a throwback big that plays huge and doesn’t mind being huge. So many big men want to step out (of the paint), but Colton is old school in that respect,” Smith said.


Iverson landed in Boston on Sunday. He was officially introduced to the Boston media on Monday.

After touring Boston, Iverson is expected to attend Celtics summer camp.

Iverson and CSU head coach Larry Eustachy were unavailable for comment at the time of press.

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