New year, new coaches-but not for the Broncos (please)

The approach of a new year means many things, weird diet crazes, brand new fashion trends and the Oscars. But for those of us interested in football, it also means the evaluation of a half of a year of football.

With the dismal seasons of the Eagles, Chiefs, Chargers and Jets (to name a few) coming to a close, these teams are sure to be looking for coach replacements in 2013.


Bronco coordinators Mike McCoy (O) and Jack Del Rio (D) could both be at risk of rehire elsewhere.


Del Rio, who was hired by the Broncos last January, has done marvels with the Broncos defense. Last season, there were shadows of what was to become, with the NFL debut of  Von Miller and the continued meshing of veterans Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil and Brian Dawkins.

This season under Del Rio, Miller has improved to all-star status, 5-year linebacker Wesley Woodyard has made huge improvements, and new starters Rahim Moore, Chris Harris and Tony Carter have added consistent spark to the Broncos D.

It isn’t hard to see why the Broncos are on a ten-game win streak with the number 3 total defense int he league.

And anyone who has ever seen Del Rio prowling the sidelines with his huge squared jaw and steely gaze can vouch for his intimidation factor.

His presence in the locker room and on the field would certainly motivate me to work my absolute hardest, as I am sure it has done for the players. Del Rio has made his mark on this team, bringing back the Orange Crush D, and I am not ready to see him go.

On the flip side, McCoy is also a potential life boat for flailing franchises.

It is difficult to measure the effect McCoy has had on the Broncos offense, because in the four years since he has been here, there have been 3 quarterbacks of wildly differing talent.

But excluding the QB position (because we all know Peyton is in charge of himself), McCoy has greatly improved the offense.


imgres-4 From (injured) veteran Willis McGahee to youngest-man-in the NFL Ronnie Hillman, our running game hasn’t been this reliable since Terrell Davis lined up behind the ball.

In addition, he took receiving talents Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker and turned them into legitimate threats on both sides of the field.

The roles of tight-end duo Jacob Tammie and Joel Dressen have been put to good use, along with former-retiree, Brandon Stokely. No complaints there.

Both offense and defense have blended together beautifully this season, placing the Broncos in 1st place in NFL power rankings and allowing us to be legitimate contenders to take home the Lombardi.

So, word of advice to the big men in charge, don’t ruin the good thing we’ve got going here. Hoard the talents of McCoy and Del Rio for ourselves, they help make Mile High – magic.