CSU volleyball sweeps former blocking coach Jesse Mahoney, DU

Volleyball CSU Vs. DU

Moby’s crowd welcomed ex-assistant coach Jesse Mahoney before CSU swept his DU volleyball team 3-0.


The first point was out of bounds on DU, given to CSU. DU didn’t score until after CSU’s first 6 and taking their first timeout.

“Set one was way too many giveaways, and I know it’s weird to hear me say this because I want the other team to give us giveaways, but the fact is: if we want to learn to win a tough game, you need to earn ‘x’ amount of points.” Head Coach Tom Hilbert said

The point gap was wide open the entire first set, including a 17-5 and 21-8 CSU lead.
CSU was at match point 24-12 when DU added two more points, but the Rams scored for a 25-14 win for the first set.

“I think we were shocked early but we got better as the match went on. We had our opportunities but they never really let us get into the match. They were in control the whole time,” Mahoney said.

DU closed the gap early in the second set, tying CSU 3-3, for the only tie of the game.

The second set was closer in score, but the Rams still did not let DU have the lead at any point in the game.

“I thought that Dana had a great match, they even started digging her at the end, but it was still a really good match for her, in terms of error percentage was low, she managed her game well,” Hilbert said.

Dana Cranston had 11 kills by the end of the second set, finishing the game with 13.

CSU didn’t need use a timeout until DU caught-up 21-17 in the second set. DU used all of their timeouts the first two sets.

“I’m happy that we got better as the match went on. This environment and a team that is good puts pressure on you and can shock teams,” Mahoney said.


CSU won the second set, 25-14.

The third set, DU trailed behind only a 15-12 CSU lead. The Rams still did not allow anything closer than a 3-point gap.

CSU got a 23-18 point lead off of a long rally that got the crowd on their feet, ready for the third set’s match point.

“I have to come out every game thinking the same, like all my hitters are on, I’m going to connect with all of them, but I think today was a better connection with me and the hitters than last night which obviously helped us win the game,” Deedra Foss said.

DU made it past the 20 point mark, but CSU earned the third set 25-21, sweeping DU.