Letter to the Editor: Regarding Justice for All

Every year, I hear complaints about Justice for All.

I listen to muttering that it is disgusting and insensitive. I observe some dismissing it as an “Anti-Abortion display” and dwelling upon the images rather than sparing an instant for the intellectual content.


What pro-Choice individuals deny and ignore is what Justice for All is actually doing: publicly presenting the reality of abortion.

These displays aren’t rare worst-case scenarios, creative reinterpretations of fact, or attempts to guilt and shame us. Those aren’t pictures of “aborted monkey mutants” (RamTalk). We bear witness to the end goal of every abortion: the destruction of unwanted, inconvenient human beings.

How does Justice for All employ this euphemism-free truth? It starts compassionate, intellectual, peaceful dialogue on the right of all human beings to life, something every CSU student claims.

Why does this bother pro-Choice students? These are images of what the pro-Choice movement fights for. As pro-Choice columnist Naomi Wolf wrote in “Our Bodies, Our Souls,” “To insist that the truth is in poor taste is the very height of hypocrisy.” You can’t claim to support a cause and then try your hardest to bury its true nature.

Justice for All allows us to examine what the pro-Choice movement ultimately defends. Some people may not want to face reality. Hiding from it or attempting to oppose or discredit its presentation, however, does not make it any less true.

If you cannot bear to witness the reality of your cause, then you’re fighting for the wrong cause.

Cole Buckon is a junior environmental engineering major