LFTE: What you can expect from opinion this year

Katrina Leibee

Dear readers, 

It is no secret that the opinion desk has been a controversial place in the past. From hot takes on campus issues to head-to-heads on political candidates to a series about the sex lives of college students, the columnists here have discussed issues far and wide to keep our campus community informed and entertained; they know their responsibilities.


The purpose of news is to tell our community what is going on; the purpose of opinion is to allow reaction and discussion to that. It is to allow voices to be heard that might otherwise not have an outlet. When something happens on campus or in the Fort Collins community, the opinion desk allows a place for people to say how they feel about it. This might come from a columnist writing something that starts a discussion or from a letter to the editor.

The opinion desk is meant to be a place that can amplify the voices of all communities and allow for open dialogue regarding any topic. It is meant to start conversations around things that might otherwise be uncomfortable subjects. It allows for satirical jokes to be made around the serious things going on in our campus and community.

Opinion is a place for people to write about what college students are doing and what they care about because The Collegian is ultimately produced by and for college students.

We won’t always write the most popular opinion, and we will often write things that are met with backlash, anger or disagreement from members of our community. However, we know we are doing our job when we have started a conversation that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day, even if it is not always an easy one. 

“The purpose of news is to tell our community what is going on; the purpose of opinion is to allow reaction and discussion to that.”

That being said, we are open to all comments and reactions to our writing from the community, and we thrive on that feedback. We want to reach out to readers as much as possible to hear their feedback and opinions. 

This year I want this desk to truly work for the people of this community. Our columnists will continue to talk about all issues from different perspectives, but we also need to hear from our audience. We need to see letters to the editor. We need to hear how you feel about the election, campus issues, COVID-19 and anything you might have something to say about.

The opinion desk is meant for you, as students and members of our community, and we want you to engage with it as much as possible.


Katrina Leibee, opinion director

Katrina Leibee can be reached at letters@collegian.com or Twitter @KatrinaLeibee.