We’re looking for new voices on campus: Come be one of them

Forrest Czarnecki

Dear readers, 

There are quite a few reasons why Colorado State University is such a great place — nice views, a friendly community and, of course, the students that make us one of the premier universities in the nation when it comes to topics like agriculture, science and social issues. 


At CSU, we’re lucky to have so many different perspectives meet in one place with the same goal: broaden our own horizons and learn about the world that surrounds us. 

Chances are good that the person sitting next to you in many of your introductory classes doesn’t know about the city or town you grew up in or how your childhood shaped your identity. There are a lot of people who never have the chance to share their expertise and experiences with the world, let alone the people sitting right next to them in class. 

So, this is an open call for those people who want to share their expertise and passion for storytelling with the rest of this special community. Come write for The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

As students, we are fully immersed in an environment where we can explore how our food is produced, find out what makes people spend or save their money, discover how to train the next generation of great athletes and deconstruct the complex social issues we face as a country. 

One of the best things about a situation like this, with so many different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives in one place, is that we can be students as well as teachers. 

From students in the College of Agricultural Sciences, to students learning about why people grow up the way that they did, to students studying cellular biology and macroeconomics and everything in between, everyone can play a valuable role in telling the stories of their community to the rest of the CSU and northern Colorado communities. 

This call isn’t exclusive to those majors or students listed above. This is an open call to all students at CSU, no matter who you are, where you grew up and what you’re studying.

This is also a call for people who have typically been underrepresented within the CSU community, including at The Collegian, to come write for us. We want to hear your stories and broaden the horizons of communities on campus and across northern Colorado. Sharing different life experiences and areas of expertise is critical to a healthy learning environment, and it is a fundamental part of being a well-informed citizen.

If you’re interested in writing for us, fact-checking articles or putting The Collegian together behind the scenes, stop by the newsroom and ask how to get involved. 



Forrest Czarnecki, Editor-in-Chief