CampusView: Should third parties get more attention than they are currently getting?

Taylor Tougaw

Opinion for:

In a country that is so proud of it’s freedom and liberty, there sure isn’t a lot of it. We pride ourselves in having a lot of freedom in our choices, except when it comes to electing our representatives. Only like, half of americans actually belong to a political party. The rest of the country remains registered independent because there isn’t a political party that represents them. If only half of your citizens are actually represented by their representatives, you have a problem. If your representative only votes for half of the things you believe in, you have a problem. How can we be behind a candidate or a party that only represents a tiny fraction of things you support?


I find it funny that in this election, you have literally the two worst possible candidates ever seen in American politics, yet still not a lot of people are inclined to look for other options. There 30 million or something like that people that plan on voting for Gary Johnson, yet you don’t see him on the debate stage. What are they scared of? I think they won’t let him debate because they’re scared that he will finally reveal that republicans and democrats are exactly the same crony-capitalist partners that maintain the status quo for those in power.

-Savannah McNeally, Junior

Opinions against:

The reason third parties don’t get any attention is because they suck lol [sic]. Third parties have seriously insane views that don’t get a lot of support because they wacked out views. Let’s start with can’t-believe-she’s-not-in-an-insane-asylum Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who believes in cool things like eliminating student debt and providing sustainable, green policies. Sounds great right? Well her only idea to abolish student debt is to just say that students dont have debt anymore. That’s it. Debt = gone because that’s how an economy works, right? She also thinks that wifi causes brain cancer. seriously. Weirdly, she also used to be a medical doctor. I also heard that she’s anti-vaccine. Don’t know if that’s true or not. She also literally put out a tweet that said “Nuclear Power plants = weapons of mass destruction waiting to be detonated. Time to shut them down. #Endnukes” Who can vote for a president that doesn’t know how nuclear reactors work….

And don’t get me started on Gary Johnson, who thinks we shouldn’t worry about the environment because the sun is going to swallow the earth eventually! Don’t worry about destroying the planet early guys cause its gonna get blown up sooner or later! Johnson supports cool things like gay marriage, lower taxes, legal drugs, and and no foreign involvement. This is cool until you realize he also wants to completely abolish social security (good luck retiring), wants you to walk around with assault rifles everywhere, and he smoked so much pot when he owned a pot company that the dude is seriously so spacey, I think he forgets where he is sometimes. Seriously, go watch an interview with him.

People don’t vote for third parties because they suck.

-Anonymous, Senior

Next Week’s topic (11/2): This CampusView will come out four days before the election. Votes will be cast and ballots will be in. Overall, how do you feel about this election? Did we, as a country, do everything right? Did the media handle this election well? If you could go back and change something, what would you change?