Collegian Editorial Board endorses Bernie Sanders as Democratic nominee for President

The Collegian

Two of the most popular candidates in this election are dominating as a result of their anti-establishment rhetoric. With a discouraging Congress approval rating of 11 percent, it seems as though Americans are fed up with politics.

Senator Bernie Sanders represents the changes we want to see.


Sanders made waves when he first introduced the idea of free college tuition last year, perking the ears of every college student facing the tremendous burden of student loans after graduation. We believe that a college degree has become such a necessary tool for economic and social success that it cannot continue to drag students down in this way. Eliminating the cost of college would provide education to so many more in the nation who are currently unable to produce the funds to attend, which we believe is something worth fighting for.

The Vermont senator has also taken other positions that we strongly support. Another primary platform of his is to drastically reform campaign financing, which has left candidates traditionally relying on big business and prominent entrepreneurs for support. Sanders believes that this corrupt system has left big money with too much say in politics. We agree.

Sanders plans on attacking Wall Street and diminishing the huge economic gap in this country between the top 1 percent and the rest of the population. This has been growing as a prominent issue for the past decade, and we believe it has not yet been properly addressed by government officials.

As a person, Sanders has distinguished himself with integrity and an unwillingness to bash other candidates for the sake of ratings. He has avoided attack advertisements, name calling and other popular methods used by politicians. He has also shown to be a consistent person and politician with his stances and has not wavered on most of his positions during his entire career.

Yet, as he remains stable, he also shows an impressive willingness to adapt to the needs of his voters. His position on free tuition, gay marriage, and recently, marijuana, has shown us that he can listen to the social changes overtaking the country with new generations and new ideas.

Sen. Sanders has started a movement and inspired young people to get involved, providing hope that a broken system can be fixed. #FeeltheBern.

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