From the editor: Collegian and Transfort’s responses to Chynna Fayne’s column on bus incident

Haleigh McGill

Editor’s note: the following is in response to the column entitled “‘Get to the back of the bus:’ The issue of racism demands our attention”

First, I would like to apologize to any who feel that the column was misleading or inaccurate. The columnist intended to use the situation with the bus driver as an anecdote to discuss the larger issue of racism in general, and did not intend to place blame or point fingers.


The column used the information that was available at the time, which was that an incident occurred in which a student felt uncomfortable. Regardless of the interpretation, a student was still affected by this incident and therefore the column was a valid way to bring these larger issues of racism to light.

However, after contacting Transfort, it appears that the incident did not have malicious intent.

According to Transfort’s General Manager Kurt Ravenschlag, the issue “has been resolved, and the (discrimination) complaint has been withdrawn.”

Shortly following the incident, Transfort met with a group of concerned students about the complaint.

“We were able to show them the on-bus surveillance that contained audio and video,” Ravenschlag said. “After viewing the video, it was decided by the student that no further action was needed.”

Ravenschlag also stated that Transfort has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination, and that the company as a whole takes any type of discrimination complaint very seriously.

You can view Transfort’s official statement on their Facebook page.

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