Feed-A-Family organization may see an unfortunate end

Chynna Fayne

There is no time of the year that I love most than the holiday season. I love the warm feelings I get inside thinking about spending time with my family, wearing cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and Netflix, and last but not least gathering around the table and giving thanks for all that we have. |

I’m sure I am not the only person who relishes in these holiday rituals — in fact, there are numerous corporations and organizations that pride themselves on the gift of giving during the holidays to help make these rituals possible. Every year Fort Collins holds the Cans Around the Oval, which donates cans of food to the Larimer County food bank. Cans Around the Oval is made possible in part by the community caring enough to get involved and contribute. This event is a huge tradition in the Fort Collins community, and the event was incredibly successful once again this year.


However, other major charitable efforts may unfortunately come to an end. This holiday season might be a little different for families in Denver who have been the beneficiaries of a Thanksgiving giveaway for more than 50 years. According to Fox 31 News, “The huge Thanksgiving food giveaway started by “Daddy Bruce” Randolph is in jeopardy after 51 years of helping families in need.” Randolph died in 1994 at the age of 94.  

The Feed-a-Family organization has taken a major loss of $200,000 from one of its sponsors that helps fund their program which costs a total of $275,000.  This sponsor’s removal of funds has resulted in the potential end of their 50+ year run. This program is a huge support to the Denver community, giving over 5,000 families 40-45 pounds of food every Thanksgiving. This program is well-known to this community, and has even participated in giving for other holidays throughout the year. Mr. Randolph is the original creator of this program and served his community in life and continues to serve in his death it would be communal travesty to see thousands of families go without this Thanksgiving.

I have and still do volunteer work in Denver, particularly with Families Against Violent Acts, because that is my home, that is where my family is and there are communities in Denver that I know need the assistance. I admire individuals who donate overseas and give to foundations that help across the globe. But I also give admiration to those who support and give back to their home, the places and people that have supported you and your dreams in life. It is nice to give outward but you can’t do much outwardly when your own backyard isn’t kept up. I aspire to reach people on a global level and that is and probably will forever be a dream that I will chase, but I will never lose sight of the need that is at home and the assistance that I can give at home. I understand there are different circumstances for everyone and their communities, but this is an idea that I wish all people would recognize.

I have faith in the Feed-a-Family organization, and I hope that this year isn’t the end of an extraordinary program that has given hope and support to the community for such a long time.

This holiday season and in the years to come, I challenge you to give back to your communities, in whatever way possible. The holiday season is a hard time for individuals and families and what better way to show support than to pay it forward. You might not be able to donate $200,000, but every little bit counts. We can all do something. I know a lot of us are college students and are all looking for someone to donate something to our own individual funds, but sometimes you have to give to receive or just give because you saw a need. Isn’t that what the holidays are about anyways? Giving and being thankful? So please give, because programs like these are golden treasures that we have to keep up, and in your giving be thankful that you even have the means to give anything at all.

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