Food trucks should come back to campus

Bridgette Windell

Food: maybe the best thing that has ever happened to me, especially during late night adventures where eating a pizza slice bigger than my face seems to be the only logical decision. Thanks, Cosmos.

I am a lover of food — good food. And although I can grub on that massive slice coated in spicy ranch or Tator -tots from Sonic, I really like food with quality ingredients that tastes like it was made with love. Enter: the food trucks that used to be on campus.


This summer I was a frequent of the FoCo Food Truck Rally that happened every other Tuesday throughout the summer, and on those Tuesdays I consumed the best food I had all season. As I ate my corned Buffalo Ruben from Nomad Food Truck, I was pleasantly reminded of a better time, two years ago, where the food trucks lined up on Pitkin Street during the Lory Student Center closure.

I’ll give you three good reasons why the FoCo Food Trucks should come back on campus. One: they make really good food. Two: buying from them is better for the local economy. Three: they make for really good Instgram pictures.

Since living in Fort Collins, I have noticed the importance of locality within the city. Buying locally grown food, eating at locally owned restaurants and stores has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the community. Here, in Fort Collins, we are all about local angle and that means making a conscious effort to maybe go a little bit out of our way to support the dreams of people within our community.

As members of the Fort Collins community, which all  approximately 30,000 CSU students are, we should adopt the mentality that locality is better. I would much rather spend my money buying food that tastes good and is good for you than the “quesorito” that you immediately regret.

Yes, Spoons is locally owned. Yes, the bagel place serves up some nice local carbs, but Carl’s Junior, Panda Express and Subway really don’t compare to the delicacies offered by the Food Trucks of Fort Collins.

Maybe it’s the “hipster” in me that thinks eating at Panda Express is too “mainstream,” but I do believe that the food trucks have a lot to offer. There are over 10 different food trucks, all offering different types of cuisines. Each truck uses quality ingredients, and their menus range from vegan items to waffles to an actual food truck called “The Meat Wagon.” You’re guaranteed to find something you like from one of the trucks.

Lastly, food trucks are just plain cool. We have the potential to be known as “those college students in Colorado that support local food trucks. That’s a pretty neat identifier if you ask me. Here in Fort Collins, we are sitting on a Food Truck gold mine. Let’s take advantage of it. 

Dear Food Truck Alliance,

Please come back to campus. I cannot consume anymore “tacos” from Taco Bell.

Yours truly,



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