Five thoughts every Rockies fan has at the beginning of each season

Mikaela Antonelli


It’s spring again, and you know what that means: It’s time to spend those warm nights cheering on the Rockies through the highs and lows, and eventually have them break our hearts in the fall…or sooner. The beginning of the season is always exciting, even if it is a little rocky (see what I did there) of a start. Here are a few thoughts I think we all have at the start of every season.


“Rocktober, here we come!”

When they are on a hot streak, we all get our hopes up for another exciting playoff run. Each year is our year in the beginning of April.

“That beard, though.”

Everyone has beard envy for Charlie Blackmon. I know we all can agree that Blackmon is the unofficial MLP (Most Lovable Player) on the team. He is the team goofball we all want to be best friends with. Oh, that’s just me? Am I the only one that is obsessed with him?

“This is the year Tulo and Cargo stay healthy.”

It is almost like clockwork that each season they are put on the DL. We all wish for them to stay healthy, but our positive thoughts never seem to reach the baseball gods.

“How will the young pitching prospects pan out?”

We all know pitching is a problem at Coors Field, but nonetheless, to start every season, there is always one or two guys who we think can find a way to tame the beast.

“Where is the nearest beer?”

When the Rockies start losing, an ice cold $7 Coors Banquet always helps to soothe the wounds.

Win or lose, it is always a summer well spent at Coors Field. Just like the Colorado Rockies Passion video said, “We are all Rockies fans from the player that dons the purple pinstripes to the ticket seller at the window to the executive in the boardroom.” Watch it and try not to get romantic about our Rockies.

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.

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