Collegian editorial board endorses Wester/Dedogryuk campaign in 2015 ASCSU election

The Collegian

(Photo credit: Abbie Parr)
(Photo credit: Abbie Parr)

After interviewing ASCSU presidential election candidates (and an internal hour-and-a-half long discussion), the editorial board of the Rocky Mountain Collegian endorses write-in candidates Lauren Wester and Filipp Dedogryuk.

They have embodied their “Open Door Campaign” ideal throughout their candidacy by being forthcoming about their intentions to run in order to make their platforms part of the conversation — including continuing the student absentee policy and Chronic Health Mentoring Program Wester championed as this year’s deputy chief of staff.


Mostly, we approve of their campaign because they seem more interested in starting a conversation than playing politics.

“Regardless (of) who wins, we’re going to be helping the students,” Wester said.

We also appreciate them for the work they’ve already accomplished within the ASCSU administration. Wester’s executive experience and Dedogryuk’s legislative experience allows them to work within the system to accomplish initiatives that benefit CSU students.

All candidates have a number of admirable qualities. Presidential candidate Jason Sydoriak and his running mate, Taylor Albaugh, are both driven leaders who are involved in many areas of campus. Presidential candidate Kwon Yearby and vice presidential candidate Clayton King each worked on the most senate legislation and have proven that they aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

Wester and Dedogryuk have institutional knowledge, and an ability to compromise that will benefit students and balance concerns from the CSU administration and Fort Collins community.

Wester said during the presidential debate that she and Dedogryuk want to “advocate, empower and influence people to make the best decisions for students.” We believe they can do that.

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