Bravo and Gotta Go: 4/6-4/10

Collegian Staff

Monday, April 6


  • Season four of “Bob’s Burgers” is now available on Netflix. Bless.

  • France’s parliament has made it a crime to use anorexic models or encourage anorexia, in an attempt to cut down on eating disorders in the modeling industry. America should follow suit.
  • A man in Salt Lake City found a bag with $20,000 in cash in it, and returned it. S/O to that guy.


Gotta Go!

  • American journalists calling conflict in Yemen “sectarian.” That is wrong. It is a proxy conflict between greater powers (Saudi Arabia and Iran). Calling it sectarian implies a long-historied Western bias that these wars are happening because Muslims can’t get along. Oversimplification.
  • An African-American basketball player for Kentucky responded to a question after they lost this weekend by saying, “F*** that n***a.” C’mon, man.
  • A review by Columbia Journalism School professors brought to light all the failures in the Rolling Stone article about an alleged University of Virginia gang rape case. Hopefully this will push journalists to a higher standard of ethically-reported stories.

Wednesday, April 7


  • New Belgium is blasting $1 million straight into CSU’s brewery major to “grow the next generation of brewers.”money animated GIF
  • CSU’s 2015/16 budget will raise the salary floor for non-tenure track faculty, according to an email from Tony Frank.
  • Phi Kappa Psi, the fraternity accused of the alleged gang rape in the now-infamous Rolling Stone article, is suing the magazine for “reckless reporting.” Well done calling out the media for publishing a false story.

Gotta Go!

  • Tuition will increase 5.5 percent next year.
  • A former Baylor University basketball coach was hired by another school 12 years after lying to authorities about his knowledge of one of his player’s murder plots against a fellow teammate. He also attempted to influence players into telling authorities that the player who was murdered was selling drugs to pay for his tuition, instead of what actually happened, which was the that the coach was illegally paying for his tuition.
  • Along with announcing his bid for president, Rand Paul also launched his own Beats Headphone Skins. Because really, what would politics be without extravagant marketing?

Rand Paul Beats Headphone Skins



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