Why Plant Sciences is the worst building

Alexandra Stettner

Alexandra Stettner
Alexandra Stettner

I have had two classes in the Plant Sciences building, and each time I went, I dreaded it just a little bit extra. I’m not denying Clark C’s monopoly on confusing classroom numbering and strange stairs, but nonetheless, Plant Sciences is the worst building on campus.

While the Plant Sciences building was remodeled just over a decade ago, it’s not entirely obvious. Between the feeling of humidity while walking in the hallways, a dismal lecture hall and the main entrance doors that can make you feel like you’re entering a wind tunnel, it is not an ideal place to go to class.


Walking around in the Plant Sciences building just makes one feel uncomfortable. With the bathroom tile walls and clearly linoleum floors, it’s not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest and reminds me a little too much of high school. One might argue that any of the buildings on the Oval aren’t the most attractive on the inside, but at least they have the benefit of a scenic view from certain classrooms.

Plant Sciences has a good location, and a modern enough looking exterior with nice trees out front, but it isn’t enough to make up for the lecture hall inside.

Plant Sciences C-101 is the worst lecture hall. A close second is Engineering 100, but at least that lecture hall has some color to it (despite the color being shades of a nasty teal). C-101 has no character to it, considering the bland white walls, scraped up seats that aren’t entirely comfortable and a carpet that was once probably a nice green color, but now has morphed into a dark dirty moss-colored ’90s print.

The lecture hall chairs are nice in that you can lean back, but after you decide to lean forward again, it alerts the entire classroom that you are moving around in your chair with a loud squeak. Forget the idea of a gentle rock back and forth in your seat that the lecture halls in Clark give you.

Granted, I haven’t spent much time in the other rooms and laboratories in Plant Sciences, and they could be perfectly fine, but there is one other thing that really grinds my gears about this building.

The front doors. There are two sets of doors before you get into the building, and as you open the first one, it can be fairly difficult, as if you’re trying to open a door when it’s windy out. The door doesn’t even seem heavy.

It could just be that I have no upper body strength (which is true) and those doors just happen to be heavy, but when you push the doors out to leave the building, a gust of wind hits you in the face. I just don’t understand the physics of these doors in the slightest and it vexes me much more than it should.

But then again, we can’t ask for perfection. We’re lucky to have the majority of the buildings on campus being almost brand new. There is nothing wrong with a university having a few older buildings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy poking fun at them.

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