Our View: New health center raises praises, issues

The Collegian

As part of CSU’s continuing saga of construction, by late 2016 the campus will boast a $59 million medical center in the southeast corner of campus. The CSU System Board of Governors approved the construction of the four-story building on the northwest corner of Prospect Road and College Avenue.

This new center will house the current Health Network — including medical and mental health resources — as well as public health care services from the University of Colorado Health and Associates in Family Medicine. Students will be able to head to one location for their needs and will doubtlessly benefit from the new facility.


However, the new center also brings up valid concerns that CSU should work to address as it moves forward with this plan. Although the fate of Hartshorn is still unknown, should the University move all medical operations from the heart of campus, it would make it less accessible to students, especially those who live in the residence halls and may not have cars. According to a quick Google Maps check, a walk from Westfall Hall on the northwest corner of campus to the new center about two miles away would take about half an hour. Even a bus ride on the Around the Horn route could take a while with the number of stops it has to make.

Students deserve a high quality, accessible health center that provides a variety of services. We hope this latest CSU project meets all these criteria.

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