Our View: CSU Board of Governors meeting should be streamed online

The Colorado State University Board of Governors will hold a meeting Wednesday through Friday to discuss student debt, and state and stadium funding. These issues are crucial to the student population at CSU, and it is important that these meetings are made accessible to those interested.

The meetings will be held in Denver, and the stadium discussion will be held at noon, when most students are occupied with classes. In the past, Board of Governor meetings have been streamed online so that students can stay involved. However, this meeting is not being streamed.


We appreciate the Board’s efforts in the past to make discussions as available to students as possible. However, it is essential that the Board remains transparent throughout this decision-making process by involving students. The best way to do this is online streaming.  Students who are passionate about the topics of tuition costs and the on-campus stadium should be able to have the information readily available.

We hope the University will accommodate the schedules of busy, CSU students by streaming future meetings online. If meetings are not going to be streamed, we would like to see the information on Board of Governor decisions shared with the student body in some way.

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