Our View: The Lory Student Center is a great place for students

The Collegian

It’s cold days like this when we should appreciate what we have — warm sweaters, hot coffee (or tea) and the LSC. A year ago, half of the building was gutted — a sad, empty shell. But now, despite the wait, it’s actually a bit of a paradise on a frigid day.

There are so many spaces that seem specially designed for us students: the food court and RamSkeller are back, study nooks abound and the giant windows let us curl up and appreciate the great and gorgeous outdoors from a vantage point near a fireplace. Yes, it’s not perfect; the leak near the main entrance on Tuesday proved that, and we complain about the lack of decoration. But if the bare, white walls are the worst complaints we have, we’re still pretty well off.


We need to take advantage of this space at the heart of campus and appreciate the effort behind its design and construction. We should take ownership of the space and utilize all it has to offer, especially since our student fees helped pay for the renovation. Visit the diversity offices and student organizations, go to an event in the LSC Theatre or just spend some time in the space. It’s worth it, and it’s a nice place to wait out the cold.