Our View: Reach out to parking services

The Collegian

Colorado State University Parking Services plans to implement a new pricing system by next year in order to respond to the increasing demand for spaces, so now your complaints about parking might actually make a difference. According to the director of Parking Services, there are currently 10,000 parking spaces on campus, and the University is expecting to lose 2,000 of those due to construction over the next one to two years. This will create more of a parking need.

Many students already feel that there is a lack of parking on campus, and the loss of spaces will only contribute to the issue. The University is clearly recognizing this problem by trying to come up with a plan for more accurate pricing, which would make popular lots close to campus more expensive and less popular  less expensive. The department is also accepting feedback from the CSU community now about how to best go about that, and interviewing students about what issues they have with parking.


We recommend that anyone who disagrees with the current parking system email, call or or visit the parking department and let them know what is on your mind. A new parking system could be a positive thing for CSU, or it could end up increasing prices even more. The only way to find out is to share your thoughts on parking with the department and stay informed about the proposed changes.