Our View: Florida State tragedy hits close to home

The Collegian

The Collegian Editorial Board does not typically run “Our View” in our Weekender editions, but after the events that unfolded early Thursday morning at Florida State University, we saw an opportunity to reflect on the events and remind our readers to cherish not only your family and friends, but also the community that Colorado State is.

Just after midnight Thursday morning, a shooter whose name we will not disclose, began shooting at students outside Florida State’s Stroizer Library, before continuing the shooting spree inside the lobby of the library. He then returned outside where he was fatally shot by members of the Florida State and Tallahassee police departments. While it seems as though something like this could never happen in our community, the people of Tallahassee likely had the same thought.


The message to take from events like this, as well as the handful of other shootings that have occurred at schools over the last decade, is that life is ever-so precious. While you walk through buildings like the Morgan Library in your time at Colorado State, take a moment to be thankful to live in a place like Fort Collins and to be able to attend a place like CSU. As you venture home over the fall break to spend time with family and friends, cherish the moments you spend together, as you never know if they will be your last.

Tragedies like these hit close to home, but it is also a somber reminder that similar events can take place anytime, anywhere. Keep Florida State University in your thoughts.

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