Our View: Enough is enough

Collegian Staff

Two weeks ago, in response to Jefferson County students walking out of class, we published an Our View about protesting with a cause. Saturday’s party-gone-wild was causeless and unnecessary. Although it may be a stretch to call a busted party with no injuries or major altercations with police a riot, Fort Collins residents know how quickly things can turn sour. And what’s the point? 

According to police, signs were ripped out of the ground, beer bottles were thrown at officers and one bottle was even smashed on a squad car. Although many believe it is a point of pride to be known as a “party school,” violence and destruction of property are absolutely no way to demonstrate how much fun we have at this great University.


In this case, the detrimental actions of a small yet belligerent minority of students tarnish the reputation of the many. Allowing baser nature and intoxicated violence to decide our actions has and will continue to degrade the image of Colorado State, its students and the town of Fort Collins. Parties are fun and fundamental to many college experiences, but can we find a way to enjoy ourselves without devolving to vandalism?

Unfortunately, some are failing to strike that balance, as students continually break the law at others’ expense. If this seems to be a message you’ve heard before, you’d be right. Because after yet another out-of-control rampage, it seems we have learned nothing.