Our View: Candidates, tell students you are visiting

The Collegian

In a previous Our View, the Collegian discussed how midterm candidates should come and visit Colorado State University in order to speak with students about the importance of voting. Republican Colorado Senate candidate and CSU alumnus Cory Gardner was spotted at the Cans Around the Oval event Wednesday, but did not let the CSU student body know that he was here or have a public discussion about the upcoming election. Gardner may have just been visiting his alma mater, and attending a charitable event is a great way to spend a visit. However, we wished he had initiated a public dialogue with the students while he was here.

When candidates, for any race, or either party, come to visit this beautiful campus, they should take some time to start a discussion on the issues and encourage students to participate in the upcoming election. Candidates who talk face to face with students about issues gain their respect and may cause them to reconsider their voting choice. Sometimes a handshake can guarantee a vote; establishing a personal connection means so much more than a political ad. Whether it be tweeting it out, posting to on Facebook, sending emails or letting CSU staff know, we ask candidates to help spread the word when they are coming to the University intending to spend time having a real discussion on the issues with students.