Our View: Urban Outfitters should never have made a Kent State sweatshirt

Collegian Staff

Urban Outfitters finds itself amidst controversy yet again — this time, instead of a shirt with the phrase “Eat Less” that caused an uproar in 2010, it’s a sweatshirt that’s been so faded and distressed that it looks like it’s bloodstained. The words “Kent State University” are on the front, the name of a university where the Ohio National Guard shot four students in 1970 during Vietnam War protests.

Although Urban Outfitters said in a statement that the apparel “was never intended to allude to the tragic events,” it is still mind-boggling that a piece of clothing so obviously offensive (and disgusting-looking) could make it past rounds of approval. If the reason is naivete, the people at the store need to retake a history class. The $129 sweatshirt has since been pulled from the website, but in the future Urban Outfitters needs to stop and consider the implications of what they put in stores, especially since this is not their first offense. An apology is nice, but not offending in the first place is even better.