Our View: We are for HeForShe

Collegian Staff

Recently appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson delivered a powerful speech about gender inequality in front of the U.N. last week. The former “Harry Potter” actress launched the campaign HeForShe, which urges men to get on board in the fight for gender equality and to raise their sons and daughters outside the context of traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

The speech was powerful, blatantly calling out how rigid gender stereotypes can be detrimental for women and men. We applaud Watson for using her platform of fame for such an important cause that needs more attention.


While the speech was spread across social media, largely praising Watson, a campaign was started on 4chan called “Emma You Are Next,” as a threat to target Watson in the latest nude photo release. Although it turned out to be an empty threat, this reaction proves all the more why her message needs to be heard.

At the CSU level, we are doing something about it. “Woman President,” coauthored by CSU communication professor Karrin Anderson, about the cultural factors influencing of the success female presidential candidates, was named the top book of 2014 from the National Communications Association.

Books like this and speeches like Watson’s are bringing feminist conversations to the table. While we are making strides, we’re not there yet.