Our View: Fort Collins police officer charged with stalking

Collegian Staff

A Fort Collins police officer was arrested Tuesday and charged for stalking a Fort Collins woman. The officer, Jarrett Branson, was accused of stalking and trespassing Sept. 9, and after a weeklong investigation, Bronson was fired from the police force, arrested and charged with stalking.

The Collegian applauds the Fort Collins Police Department for conducting the investigation quickly and punishing Branson accordingly. In light of the conflict taking place between law enforcement and the public nationwide, it is important to acknowledge the positive stride the Fort Collins police are taking to be transparent about their actions and misconduct, whether they are firing an officer for stalking or wearing cameras when interacting with residents.


That being said, the behavior should never have occurred. According to the woman, Branson allegedly used his police resources to find her home and work addresses and contacted her multiple times at both places. Branson went to the place where the woman was most comfortable and made it a place of fear. A police officer should be someone who is trusted within society, and this behavior can only create further dissent between police officers and the public.

This was not only a disgusting abuse of power by Branson, but something that residents of Fort Collins should not be expecting from law enforcement in this town.