Our View: Alcohol Delivery

Collegian Staff

A Loveland liquor store, Jax Liquor, is now making free deliveries of alcohol to Fort Collins residences. This presents a number of benefits for of-age citizens of Fort Collins. Alcohol delivery should lessen the number of inebriated individuals driving to pick up a refill of drinks for the night. Participants still have to show ID, but enjoy the convenience of having booze brought right to the front door. It’s great that a local business is responding to consumers by providing services that make shopping easier, but it’s up to us to reciprocate and not take it for granted.
Free delivery is offered, but tipping the delivery driver is appropriate and recommended. If drivers don’t get paid, before long a delivery charge could be added and raise the cost. So if you get what you ordered on time, tip your driver. Also state laws prohibit alcohol sales after 11:30 p.m., so be sure to order in time to get your product. Let’s support local businesses who are coming up with creative ways to support us.