Our View: Get to the Showdown, Rams

If you’ve never been to the Rocky Mountain Showdown, put down this newspaper and sprint to the ticket office at the Fum McGraw Center and buy one. Sure, it costs $20, and that will buy you a few a meals at Taco Bell. But this game will provide you with so much more than what those meals can —  it will provide a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Win or lose, the photos you take, the tailgates you attend and the stories you can tell of joining thousands of your fellow students at Sports Authority Field tomorrow will stick with you forever.


You came to Colorado State University for a reason, and we are willing to guess that you love being a Ram. So what better way is there to show that than to cheer on our football team against the team you all love to hate, CU-Boulder? And should CSU win, you can taunt every one of your friends from Boulder for an entire year. Who doesn’t want that? Your time at this University is limited and after you graduate you’ll likely leave Fort Collins and never attend another Rocky Mountain Showdown. You’ve got the perfect opportunity Rams; get to the Showdown throwdown.

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