Our view: Girl Develop It teaches 21st century literacy

The female gender is missing from the computer science field in the classroom and in the workplace across the U.S.

We applaud Girl Develop It for doing something about it.


In an industry that is largely dominated by men, Girl Develop It aims coding classes at women, whether they are re-entering the workforce, small business owners or just interested in technology. This organization is helping to equalize the gender ratio in the computer science field and fosters a needed curiosity for 21st century digital literacy among women.

Women acknowledge that men are the majority sitting behind computers developing programs. Gender diversity is not something the computer science field boasts about. However, through this organization, women are able to change the status quo and offer different perspectives in the workplace. Girl Develop It is working to place men and women on the same level in a field that teaches skills in high demand.

Not only should women have the chance to gain the same skills as men in this industry, but they need these skills, and soon. Not knowing basic programming languages, like HTML and CSS, could mean getting left behind in many fields of study. In our world, code is everywhere.

We need more women behind computers. Girl Develop It makes sure women won’t get left behind.